Issuance of Offers for Interconnections Terms for 2 Biomass Electricity Generation Units of BIOSOL Ltd
27 May 2014

DEDDIE (Electricity Network Operator) has granted our company BIOSOL Ltd Offers for Interconnection terms for the two 500 kWp biomass electricity generation units in Vassilika and in Lakkia of the Thessaloniki Prefecture.

The units will operate with syngas generated from industrial woodchips and - apart from the electricity - they will generate 800 kW of heat each, which the company aims to exploit in 2 hydroponic greenhouses that it plans to construct (20.000 sq.m. each).

It is important to note the following:

  • The two electricity generation units fired with syngas from the gasification of woodchips are categorised as plants of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with ZERO contribution to the greenhouse effect.
  • The units are designed to gasify EXCLUSIVELY wood pieces deriving from legal and controlled wood-cutting.
  • The units will totally contribute more than 350.000 € per year to the local community, through: a) the decrease of the citizens' electricity bills, b) the remuneration of local people and c) the collaboration with local entrepreneurs and service providers (transportation of raw material, ancillary services etc.).
  • Upon construction and operation of the two hydroponic greenhouses, the total annual economic contribution to the local community shall exceed 500.000 .