RESEL RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES HELLAS S.A. has been the product of 20 years of energy expertise and know-how. It has been set up by the people who introduced the legal framework for the Photovoltaics, Co-Generation of Heat & Power, Biofuels and the exploitation of geothermy in Greece.

Turning our Energy know-how and our love for the Environment into entrepreneurship, the people of RESEL aim at concluding profitable green energy investments and target sustainability.

RESEL offers integrated solutions for renewable energy investment plans in Greece:

  • Choice and Technical Appraisal of the investment's establishment place
  • Planning, Sourcing of Funding  for the construction and Construction of the RES project (Turn-Key)
  • Insurance, Operation & Maintenance of the RES project
  • Dilligence of existing RES investment plans for sale/purchase

Our main principle at RESEL is to conclude long-term, high IRR and low-risk energy investments for our clients and our company.

Based on our strong knowledge of the legal / administrative frameworks and the special characteristics of energy markets, our experience in setting detailed and well-founded energy business plans and our long cooperation with financial institutions, the people of RESEL create value for the energy investor.